Posted by: sycamorechamberofcommerce | September 20, 2017

Family Service Agency Says Goodbye to Gifted Clinician, Invites Community to Join in Farewell

Paul Legler_2083

Paul Legler’s boss at Family Service Agency (FSA), Laura Brenke, is grappling with some tough questions; How do I thank someone who has had a profound impact on thousands of people from our small community? How can I, and all of DeKalb County, adequately honor “the most gifted child and adolescent counselor I’ve ever worked with in my career,”?  Ultimately, Brenke and FSA know their thank you alone won’t be enough to show the deep appreciation they have for Legler, who is retiring from their agency in the coming weeks, after working with the Center for Counseling since 1988.

That’s where FSA is hoping to get a little help from a grateful community. Brenke and her colleagues want to host a memorable and heartfelt farewell that communicates to Paul how impactful his efforts have been. Given that Legler has worked with multiple generations in one family, they’re hoping for a good turnout to send him off appropriately.

As for Legler’s future hopes? He’s looking forward to visiting his adult children more often in Kankakee and Washington state. He also wants to revisit some old hobbies, like science and fishing. When we asked him what he hoped his FSA legacy would be, he answered like a true therapist; “I’d like to be remembered first for giving them (colleagues and clients) reasons to laugh and smile. I hope to give enjoyment to every day no matter how stressed or overwhelmed anyone might be feeling. Secondly, I’d like to be remembered as a skilled therapist with a strong knowledge and experience base, a wide skill set, and an openness to their ideas and learning from them.”

To include current and past staff, board members, and clients, FSA is hosting an Open House on Thursday, September 21st from 4-6p. The Open House will be at FSA, located at 14 Health Services Dr. in DeKalb. Light refreshments will be provided and those who are comfortable are welcome to share how Legler has positively affected their lives. Though, if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was Paul who got the most out of working at FSA, “I especially enjoyed working with the children.  They’re still able to be awed by life’s little things and enjoy discovering natures magic.” Legler says.



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