Posted by: sycamorechamberofcommerce | November 6, 2018

Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Kishwaukee Symphony Associates appreciates the support it received at its “Supper and Songs” event held on October 23, at the Hillside Restaurant, DeKalb. The event raised money for the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s new Music Education Fund, dedicated to musical outreach initiatives for youth in our community.

“While our 44 guests enjoyed dinner, local musicians provided entertainment,” said Gretchen Moore, KSA president. “Thank you to Gavin Wilson, owner of the Hillside Restaurant, for hosting an amazing event with wonderful food and music! The musical performances were fantastic.” Music at the event was provided by: Gavin Wilson (vocals, keyboard, trumpet), Adam Wilson (vocals), Roger Hintzsche (guitar), Libby Witty (percussion), Jacob Maas (vocals, guitar), and Reilly Farrell (violin, keyboard).

“We also thank the community for helping us with our pledge to enhance music education opportunities for youth and children, especially those who are less fortunate,” said Moore. “Later this fall, the KSA Planning Committee will meet to determine the total funds raised. We have increasing inquiries from people wishing to back this worthwhile endeavor and hope to receive more funds by Christmas.” Donations to the KSO Music Education Fund may be mailed to the Kishwaukee Symphony Associates, P.O. Box 310, DeKalb, IL 60115.

For more information about the Kishwaukee Symphony Associates and the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra, visit


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