Networking & Leads

Young Professionals of Sycamore

The Young Professionals of Sycamore seek to Mix, Empower and Connect young professionals while giving back to the Sycamore community.

MIX young talent, allowing them to form a peer network while showcasing them to the Sycamore Community.

EMPOWER young talent through professional development and leveraging our network to enhance their leadership opportunities.

CONNECT young talent to the community by leading and participating in social changes and community happenings that impact and make the Sycamore area a more dynamic, engaging, and diverse place to live.

Kishwaukee Women’s Network

The Kishwaukee Women’s Network promotes the goals and objectives of the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce and has three primary purposes:

To assist businesswomen throughout the community in improving their networking capabilities and helping grow their businesses by introducing various ideas, concepts and techniques that may serve to be value in reaching their goals.

To act as a network for a more effective exchange of ideas among women in the community and the business and service organizations they represent.

To develop and encourage an informed viewpoint on policies and actions involving business and industry in Sycamore, DeKalb and neighboring areas.

Business Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy is specifically created for our  Professionals in our community. Our  twelve month academy meets one Friday a month and attracts young professionals from the DeKalb and Sycamore area that range in age from 21 to 45.

We develop and enhance leadership skills to create strong engaged leaders. We deliver programs that inspire young professionals to further develop and strengthen our community.  We empower young professionals with the expertise to partner with current community leaders and advocate for the relationship between business and community. We provide young professionals with a foundation of knowledge about the Sycamore community while creating a heightened awareness of the needs and challenges that affect the Sycamore community. We build a better future and strengthen the economic vitality of the Sycamore area by cultivating young professionals into our future community leaders that have a vested interest in community stewardship.

Discover Sycamore

Discover Sycamore is the Tourism branch of the Sycamore Chamber. We are dedicated to preserving the heart of our community through tourism and marketing to create a sustainable economic climate for the Sycamore area.

Tourism: We develop area tourism through visitor’s guides, group tours, golden tickets, web and travel kiosk based promotional campaigns. Future tourism development is enhanced through these endeavors.

For more information about our tourism efforts visit the Discover Sycamore Website or the Discover Sycamore Blog.

Chamber Ambassadors

Ambassadors are a vital link to the community for the Chamber. They are in essence the public relations division of our chamber and

consist of business leaders from the community. These men and women represent the chamber at business and community events such as; festivals, ribbon cuttings, open houses, and Business After Hours.

They also serve as the volunteer force for a variety of Community events. Ambassadors welcome new businesses to Sycamore while acclimating them into the business community and serve as mentors throughout the year. These leaders create solidarity within the Chamber membership and help to bring about a greater appreciation among our citizens of what the Chamber stands for in terms of goodwill, civic participation, recognition and appreciation.

Click here to find out more about Chamber Ambassadors!

Sycamore Chamber Leads

Sycamore Lead’s is a referral organization for chamber members that meets twice a month to exchange leads among members of the group. These members are dedicated to helping each other with business growth through the exchange of high-quality leads and referrals on a regular basis. This is accomplished by:
*  Networking
*  Communication
*  Commitment
*  Fellowship

Call the Chamber for more information about our LEADS Groups.

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