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Stage Coach Theatre Presents: The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps, a fast-paced comedy based on the English spy novel by John Buchan, is heading to Stage Coach Theatre in DeKalb via London and the Scottish moors.  Adapted by Patrick Barlow based on the original concept of Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon from the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name, the The 39 Steps revolves around what happens when Richard Hannay, a bored British subject in 1935 goes to the theatre, meets a woman who informs him of a plot to obtain highly classified information and wakes the following morning to find her murdered in his flat.  Chased by the authorities and a web of international spies, Hannay flees as he attempts to stay alive.

The 39 Steps is directed by Tim Ball (Night of the Living Dead, among others).  The cast features Mike Mattingly (Arsenic and Old Lace) as Hannay, Rebecca McCorkle (The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged), Bonnie Miller (California Suite), Scott Montavon (The Game’s Afoot) and Jason Reed (Play On!) as the rest of the characters.

The play calls for the entirety of the Hitchcock film The 39 Steps to be performed with a cast of five.  One actor plays the man on the run, Richard Hannay, while the other actors play all remaining characters: villains, men, women, children, sheep and the occasional inanimate object.  This often requires lightning fast quick-changes and the actors to occasionally play multiple characters at once.  It turns the Hitchcock spy thriller on its head and into an uproarious comedy.  The production is filled with allusions to and puns on the titles of other Hitchcock films, including Rear Window, Vertigo and North by Northwest.

So how do you take one of the best-selling and most popular spy novels of all time and make a comedy out of it?  Every scene is played for laughs.  “The play as written is filled with physical humor, sight gags and jokes,” Ball said.  “We’ve been trying out additional gags throughout rehearsals and see if they’ll work.”

Cast member Bonnie Miller who plays several roles including Hannay’s love interest Pamela, said, “I feel like we have the opportunity to really take the audience along for a wild ride that will keep them entertained for the entire show,” adding, “It’s been great having the opportunity to play multiple characters.  However, I do play Pamela for most of the play, and she’s probably both my favorite of my characters and the one that I identify with the most.”

The 39 Steps is easily the most physically demanding show I’ve ever been in.  This entire cast is in constant motion,” said Scott Montavon who plays more than 15 characters including Mr. Memory.   Ball adds, “Throughout the show, the cast continuously exit the stage only to return in a manner of seconds wearing a different costume or wig to become another character.”

Performances for The 39 Steps are September 20th through September 22nd and September 28th and 29th with a curtain time of 7:30, along with Sunday matinees on September 23rd and 30th with a curtain time of 2:00.  Tickets are $15 each or $13 for seniors and children age 13 and under.  To purchase tickets, visit our online website at  You can also call the Stage Coach box office which opens Sunday, September 16th.  The phone number is 815-758-1940.  Let the chase begin.

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Get Your Business on the Big Screen

TheaterFlyers (4)Get your Business on the Big Screen!

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Stage Coach Players Presents: The Thirty-Nine Steps

“What are the Thirty-Nine Steps?” Richard Hannay asks on three separate occasions.  The 39 Steps are, or more appropriately The 39 Steps is the upcoming production from Stage Coach Players.  And The 39 Steps is a fast-paced Monty-Python-esque farce based on the spy thriller of the same name from Alfred Hitchcock based on the 1915 book by John Buchan.  The 39 Steps, adapted by Patrick Barlow takes that film and scene by scene, presents it on the stage using only five actors with great comedic effect.

Directed by Tim Ball, The 39 Steps opens September 20th and runs through September 30th at Stage Coach Theatre in DeKalb.  The action of play concerns what happens when a bored British subject in 1935 goes to the theatre.  He meets a German-speaking woman with many secrets and when gunshots are fired at the theatre, he takes her to his flat at her request.  She informs him of a plot to obtain highly classified information to British air defense called ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’.  When he wakes the following morning to find her murdered, he realizes his life is in danger and runs for his life, chased by both the bad guys and the authorities.

The 39 Steps features sinister villains, beautiful women and thugs aplenty as Richard Hannay tries to figure out exactly what the Thirty-Nine Steps are and how to alert the British government of the impending danger all while trying not to be arrested and more importantly killed.

The first version of The 39 Steps was written by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon for a cast of four actors and premiered in 1995 before an audience of 90 people at the Georgian Theatre Royal in North Yorkshire, before embarking on a tour of village halls across the north of England.  In 2005 Barlow rewrote the script, keeping the scenes, staging and small-scale feel.  It premiered in Boston in 2007 eventually transferring to Broadway where it ran for 771 performances and was nominated for six Tony Awards in 2008 including best play.

Performances for The 39 Steps are September 20th through September 22nd and September 28th and 29th with a curtain time of 7:30, along with Sunday matinees on September 23rd and 30th with a curtain time of 2:00.  Tickets are $15 each or $13 for seniors and children age 13 and under.  To purchase tickets, visit our online website at  You can also call the Stage Coach box office which opens Sunday, September 16th.  The phone number is 815-758-1940.  Let the chase begin.Bonnie Mike

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Make A Difference DeKalb County

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Stage Coach Auditions for Holiday Production

Gadzooks!  The Royal Shakespeare Company has not yet arrived to perform A Christmas Carol, so an intrepid band of hapless actors must put together their own production in seven hours.  Humor erupts as these poor but dedicated actors do their best with chaos all around them.  Does this sound like fun to you?  If so, plan to attend Stage Coach Players’ auditions for Christmas Chaos, directed by Gloria Dennison.   They will take place at the Stage Coach Theater, 126 S. 5th Street, DeKalb, IL.  Audition Dates and times are as follows: Saturday, September 22nd, from 1:00 – 4:00; Sunday, September 23rd and Monday September 24th, from 6:30 – 9:00.  Be prepared to do a cold read, participate in improvisational games and maybe even sing a Christmas song.  A cast of approximately 20 people of various genders and ages is needed.  Rehearsals will begin in October, and the show opens November 29th and runs thru December 9th.  Join us for this hilarious show that pokes fun at the classic novel where everything that can go wrong with a theatrical production does go wrong.  For more information about Stage Coach Players and upcoming shows, visit the web site at

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Get your Business on the Big Screen!

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Kishwaukee Valley Art League


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Referrals No Longer Required for Physical Therapy

Group PTs #1-2018

Until recently, in order to see a physical therapist, a prescription for treatment was required.  Illinois was one of the few states that still had this requirement, however, that Illinois law changed on August 16 when Governor Rauner signed the Direct Access Bill into law. This means Illinois residents can feel better now without waiting for a referral from their physician.

A study recently published by the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy noted average savings of $1,543 in fees and treatment costs for those who chose physical therapy as their first treatment option instead of seeing a specialist first and being referred to physical therapy.  Both groups in the study saw similar improvement in condition, despite their sequence of treatment.  Not only does this change in the law bring cost savings to the ever-growing health care insurance rates, but it will allow individuals to prioritize treatment options that are less invasive, less addictive, and more personalized.

Access to physical therapy related to fitness or wellness will be unrestricted, which means that anyone can start adding regular physical therapy into their wellness routine before chronic pain limits their daily function.  Rob Larkins, Northern Rehab’s lead Physical Therapist in the DeKalb Lincoln Highway clinic says, “Patients will be able to schedule an annual check-up or regular check-in that feels right to them and their therapist.  We hope new patients, maybe even ones that are fearful of the doctor’s office, are comfortable choosing physical therapy first.”

Under the law, if someone comes in without a referral and has a treating physician, the physician must be notified within five days.  Physical therapists are also required to refer patients to another provider if there is no measurable improvement within a certain time period.  Ken Olson, President and Physical Therapist at Northern Rehab, states clearly, “We want to work together with doctors, specialists, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals to see physical therapy become part of a movement towards a holistic, person-centered understanding of health and wellbeing.”

Choose physical therapy first to eliminate pain, optimize your function, and be one step closer to living pain free.  The Northern Rehab Physical Therapists provide hands-on care combined with specific corrective therapeutic exercises that will correct physical impairments to allow a healthier, more active daily life.  Certain insurance companies may still require a physician’s referral for physical therapy, but the friendly staff at Northern Rehab is happy to assist patients in understanding their insurance benefits and requirements related to physical therapy.

Voted DeKalb County’s Best Physical Therapists 7 years in a row, Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists blends the science of healing and the art of caring for fast, effective results. Their treatments help patients get back into life by restoring and promoting physical function, fitness, and optimal quality of life in order to recover from injury, impairment, or disease. You don’t need to live with pain.  Now, the choice is yours. Choose Northern Rehab today, and stop letting pain control your life. Now accepting new patients in all 5 clinics located in DeKalb/Sycamore, Genoa, Rochelle, and Sandwich, call 815.756.8524 or visit for more information.


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Get your car washed and help starving children Find hope!

FMSC Car Wash 8-18-18

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Small Business Resource Fair

Small Business Resource Fair

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